Bought Used Japanese Yaoi Manga
I went to an independent used book store today and discovered a whole shelf of Japanese manga, half of which were Yaoi!  I bought 3 at $2.95 each with tax for a total of $9.60. It's better than buying new ones from Kinokuniya, and I don't have to pay shipping and handling for online.

I didn't find the one I really wanted, Neko Samurai by Kyuusyuu Danzi, but i saw some of her other works, and I bought 2 of them, and a cute one shot with a tender seme in suits and glasses (my type) and the feminine and cheerful uke.

The bookstore also buys used manga, but they usually pay $0.50 each, and they charge $3 to buyers!
Might as well sell manga as cheap as $1-3 so you can keep as much profit as you can.
But it's useful if you have trouble selling manga, especially online, and you want to get rid of extra stuff.


New Year's rant
I'm such a pushover. When I was supposed to stop taking orders at the drive thru, I let the customers order because they were pushy. They had a big order, and when they didn't get exactly what they wanted, they asked for 2 free drinks for "compensation." There was a person behind them waiting to leave who didn't get to order, and the kitchen staff had to make the food when they were already supposed to start cleaning up.

I'm always like this; people always get what they want with me if they yell enough, and my timid behavior means that they can get what they want if they act like a "bully."

For the new year, and for the rest of my life, I want to be a stronger person who won't be a doormat for people. I'm sick of being taken advantage of.

Happy 2012.


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